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Guttering is the most common issue regarding penetrating damp, once a gutter begins to fail by allowing water to overflow or leak down the upper parts of an elevation water damage begins through saturation, during the winter months when freezing is likely it will also be a cause of Stone/ Brick spaulding and begin to de-face and mortar pointing lines to become perished. here are the causes of an overflowing or leaking gutter.

  • Overflowing caused by blockages due to debris build up.

  • Overflowing due to insufficient fall towards an outlet.

  • Overflowing due to lack of down pipes.

  • Overflowing due to slipped slates.

  • leaks caused by rot.

  • Leaks caused by perished joint seals.

If you are having any issues regarding your guttering feel free to enquire using our contact page for free advice and quotations, or call: 0800 652 5624.

Guttering Issues.

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